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Glass Up Stands & Splash Backs

For a thoroughly modern kitchen, glass splashbacks have now taken the place of tiles behind the cooker, sink and worktops. As well as looking fresh and contemporary, there are a number of other benefits to using glass for splashbacks and upstands, as a consequence it has become increasingly popular.

Three reasons to choose glass splashbacks

  • Strength – It’s a widely –held misconception that glass is too fragile to use for splashbacks or upstands in a busy kitchen. However, by using toughened glass, we can provide a product that is heat, strength and impact resistant.
  • Looks – Glass splashbacks are actually clear and the colour is spray painted onto the back of them. This means that you can choose from literally thousands of colours and have your splashbacks colour-matched to anything you like. The freedom to use infinite subtle shades of zesty brights can transform your kitchen. Furthermore, you’re not just tied to one colour and splashbacks with patterns and designs can be created to order. If your kitchen is north-facing or dark, using a glass splashback in a pale colour can help – the smooth gloss surface of the glass will reflect light back around the room.
  • Hygiene – The problem with tiles is not the tiles themselves but the porous grout between them. Behind the cooker, tile grout becomes a grease magnet and the sink, lime scale and water splashes cause a gradual deterioration of the grout. All of this is forgotten with a smooth glass splashback which can be hygienically cleaned wherever it is located. The grout can also easily become stained with coffee or food splashes, which is not an issue with a glass splashback.

Glass splashbacks can be cut and fitted into any desired shape, and are designed in such a way as to minimize the number of seams. Digital CAD technology is used to create an accurate template and your splashback will be manufactured to order.

The effect of glass splashbacks in the colour of your choice can be transformative to your kitchen – It’s the smart choice for a clean, contemporary look.

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